Monthly Challenge Rules

If you would like to download a copy of the rules to print for yourself please click on the following link Rules.

File Type
Where possible, images should be sent as JPEG (.jpg, or .jpeg) files, please. The challenge administrator can handle most other file formats if your camera uses something different - including RAW files, but avoid these if possible, please, as they can be quite large.

Image Title
To make it easier for the challenge administrator to collate the images, please give each a title, using the format “First Name Last Name – Title” - for example: "John Smith - A Bunch of Figs". Often the title you choose will add something to the image itself, and, of course, it makes it more fun if you make it amusing in some way! If you can’t put the title in the file name, just include it in your e-mail and the challenge administrator will incorporate it into the file name.

Submission Deadlines
The challenge will be run to coincide with our normal monthly meeting dates (or the equivalents during our summer breaks). So email photos to the challenge administrator, please by 6pm on the Sunday listed on the website. The images will then be uploaded to the website on the Monday.

Voting can begin as soon as the photographs are displayed on the website. Members should choose their favourites (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and email their choice to the challenge administrator by 6pm on the following Sunday so that the results can be calculated and the website updated in time for the Tuesday meeting. Voting for your own submitted images is not allowed.

Members may also submit comments on up to 6 photos (other than their own) in each month’s challenge, but this is optional. The anonymous comments will be read out at the meeting when the results are shown and discussed.

Subject Matter and Maximum Number of Images
The subject matter for each monthly challenge will be set by the committee and listed on the website. Members are encouraged to take photos during the relevant month where possible, but older images will be accepted.
A maximum of TWO images per member.

Updated December 2023